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Teл: +389 (2) 3 120 968
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Црвена вода 4/2
1000 Скопје

Teл: +389 (2) 3 120 968
Моб: + 389 (71) 382 880




5308. Profil Group is one of the biggest Human Resources Management consultancy companies in the SCE region specialized for executive search and selection.

Our client, one international company in the IT sector is looking for the best candidates with extensive knowledge in the finance segment, who are initiative, hardworking, ambitious and with capacity to manage people and processes to apply for the position:

Financial Manager

Educational background:

  • VII/1 degree (university degree in economy), preferably “Accounting and Auditing” or “Financial Management”
  • Various trainings in the field of international accounting standards, accounting management, finance and business administration as well as CPA certificate holder will be considered as an advantage.
  • Strong knowledge of IFRS
  • Knowledge on US GAAP will be treated as an advantage
  • License for Authorized Accountant issued by the Ministry of Finance;


Working experience:

  • 10+ years of progressive experience in accounting;
  • Strong internal controls knowledge and implementation;
  • Strong interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills;
  • Strong financial systems knowledge is required;
  • Previous experience working with external suppliers;
  • Experience and/or understanding of international company set up;
  • Capacity for precise and prompt management of information, facts and documents;
  • Experience in ensuring that the accounting performed by the groups is accurate, timely, completed in accordance with GAAP;
  • Experience in ensuring compliance with local statutory accounting requirements;
  • Capacity to provide leadership and direction to the team while fostering a culture of teamwork, employee development and accountability;
  • Experience in developing and maintaining a thorough knowledge of the systems and processes related to all areas of responsibility;
  • Capacity to establish strong relationships with all stakeholders and collaborate with them to drive desired outcomes;
  • Knowledge, observance and application of valid laws, regulations and professional standards being applied with reference to the job;
  • Experience in reporting based on international standards; 
  • Valid experience in legislation in reference and relevant to accounting; 
  • Experience in people management and task delegation.


Personal characteristics:

  • Capability for efficient operation in dynamic environment and work under pressure.
  • Testament of maturity and capacity for objectivity and self criticism.
  • Capability for regular, optimal planning and execution of the working assignments, with high degree of priority and importance.
  • Capability to realize clear and measurable results in his/her work, including efficient realization of the targets set by the superior.
  • Target oriented personality.
  • Responsible worker with a capacity for detail.
  • Eagerness for development and learning.
  • Team player with excellent communication skills.
  • A person that values and is capable of confidentiality


  • Foreign languages: Excellent knowledge of business English.
  • Computer skills: Excellent knowledge of MS Office - Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet
  • Valid driving license.
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